Spinning® Instructor Certification

Spinning® Instructor Certification, January 08, 2022

Join the team at Get Bent in Norwich as a Spin Instructor

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Our studio began when team members of our partner company, American Ambulance, wanted access to hot yoga in the Greater Norwich area. We are proud to offer hot yoga, fitness classes, and workshops aimed at living a more authentic and healthy lifestyle. View our schedule and find the right class for you!

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Community Yoga Classes

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These classes are offered to the community for only $10 a class. We ask that you pre-register and pay online for this class. Cash will be accepted at the studio if you cannot pre-register. Credit cards will NOT be accepted at the studio for the community classes.

TRX Suspension Training

About Class

TRX Suspension Training is a full-body strength workout that utilizes a person’s own body weight for resistance. Two suspension straps hang from an anchor, allowing for an infinite number of exercises that help to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. The TRX straps are adjustable and can make exercises both, more challenging or easier depending on the length and angle. This makes them ideal for all fitness levels. 


About Class

Barre Above is a totally unique approach to barre workouts as you’ve seen them. Fusing the best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and elements of the strengthening exercises dancers do, Barre Above™ delivers a results-driven workout that is not only fun and dynamic, but it will sculpt your body and get you into absolutely amazing shape.


About Class

Spin is also known as indoor cycling. Improve your strength, stamina, speed and cardiovascular fitness. Indoor cycling is an exhilarating total-body workout! Let the Super charged energy, motivating music & cues from the Instructor immerse you into a fun, vigorous ride

Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Our workshops focus on the mind, body, and spirit to enhance your yoga practice giving you greater flexibility, focus, and well-being. For those who are looking to round out their yoga classes, we have Barre classes too. Get Bent in Norwich is the area’s only hot yoga studio featuring Barre.

Get Bent in Norwich believes in an open studio community where we listen to the wants and needs of our students to create an interactive space of health and happiness.


The Best of Yoga



Strength Building


Stress Relief


Relax & Refresh


Beauty of Body


Mind & Soul


Expert Instructors

Meet Our Team

Kelly Harper

Kelly Harper

Yoga Teacher & Studio Coordinator

About Kelly

Drop who you’ve been told you are supposed to be; connect with your breath and gifts that are uniquely yours.  Kelly received her 200hr teaching certificate from the Mystic Yoga Shala under the guidance of Jim Conlan and Detchen Zezulka.

She’s had the pleasure of teaching at several studios in CT but her home is here at Get Bent in Norwich as the Studio Coordinator. Kelly teaches 6 classes a week and has seen amazing/inspiring transformations in students.

As you spend more time on your mat, notice that you are open to try new things, eat healthier, opt to spend time in nature and surround yourself with positive people.

My current favorite pose is a handstand.  Initially, I was afraid to leave the support of a wall. Now I do handstand all the time, anywhere I can.  Sometimes I fall-out and other times stay up forever :)… Yoga is a “Practice” not perfect; there’s freedom in that. Please join me on your mat, Namaste

Danielle Newton

Danielle Newton

Yoga Teacher

About Danielle

Danielle is an RTY-200 who completed her training at The Yoga Shop of South Windsor and Old Saybrook. Specializing in LivFree Power Yoga, Danielle teaches classes to motivate individuals and encourage personal growth both on and off the yoga mat by delivering a challenging Vinyasa class that is accessible to advanced and beginning yogis. Danielle is currently pursuing her certification for Y12SR in the hopes of bringing the transformational practice and philosophies of yoga to those affected by addiction in the community. At the age of 23, Danielle was faced with many physical challenges and was finally diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Given only one option, medical intervention and a lifetime of prescription treatments, she decided to navigate the healing process with physical exercise. After months of experimenting, she found yoga. Within 6 months of regular practice, all symptoms of arthritis had virtually disappeared. After years of suffering, there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. This breakthrough turned out to be more than a physical healing; the spiritual benefits were profound! Danielle currently offers 3 classes on the Get Bent schedule; a 90-minute LivFree Power class, a 60 minute Community class, and a 75 minute All Levels Hot Vinyasa class. “I’d have to say that my favorite poses are arm balances and inversions. Not because they look cool, but because the journey to, and the challenge of coming into these poses really help you redefine what you think you’re capable of. In so many cases we approach these poses with the attitude of ‘yeah, right!’ Or ‘not me!’. Yet, with enough encouragement and dedication, we can re-shape those thoughts into ‘yes I can!’ Or ‘look at what I am capable of!’ Discovering your full potential as a human, both physically and spiritually is really what yoga is all about for me.
Jonathan Plympton

Jonathan Plympton

Yoga Teacher

About Jonathan

Jonathan began his Yoga practice 12 years ago, but it wasn’t until he found Hot Power Vinyasa at Get Bent did he fall in love with the practice. He found something in Yoga that he wanted to share with others so he enlisted in teacher training at Mystic Yoga Shala and completed 200hr YTT program. Jonathan has been teaching since 2013 and enjoys sharing this amazing practice with those who are open and willing. He understands the significance it has not only on Individuals but the rippling effect it has on communities throughout the world. He offers a practice that is fun and challenging, yet compassionate and safe, allowing students to expand in their own practice. Jonathan is currently teaching two classes at Get Bent and is a coordinator and trainer at the Finishing Trades Institute of Southern New England.


What People Are Saying

Never really liked yoga ’till now. Get Bent is amazing – I am able to enjoy a class at my own pace without being judged. The teachers are wonderful and are willing to work with you. I love that I am always thanked by the teachers and told I did great even if I can’t keep up.

Jackie C.


Next month will be a year since I started doing yoga at Get Bent In Norwich. I can not express how much my health has improved. My thyroid condition has normalized, my chronic joint pain is gone. Each instructor is superb and unique and you learn very differently from each one of them. I encourage you to try each instructor. Thank you to your wonderful staff for guiding me on my journey to a healthier me 🙂

Ilia C.


This is an amazing little studio in downtown Norwich. I love the instructors and selection of products. I also love the community; I know a good number of people already and get to know some new yogis all the time.

Stephanie B.


Ready to Make a Change?

Get Bent in Norwich believes in an open studio community where we listen to the wants and needs of our students to create an interactive space of health and happiness. Join us today!

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"Be consistent in your dedication to showing your gratitude to others. Gratitude is a fuel, a medicine, and spiritual and emotional nourishment" Steve Maraboli

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You to The AMERICAN Group for hosting the GNACC Business After Hours event and for all that came out to support!! We hope you had a terrific time. #GNACCSupports American Ambulance Service, Inc. MACARA Vehicle Services Get Bent In Norwich ...American Professional Educational Services, Inc. Nauti On Deck

Interested in teaching at Get Bent in Norwich as a Spin Instructor? 🚴🏻 🚴🏾‍♂️ 🚴🏽‍♀️

Spots are filling up fast, register today. Class will be January 8th at our new studio: http://ow.ly/z7Lg50GFg0P

💟Happy National Couples' Day! 💟

Yoga with a partner is beneficial not only to you both individually, but the relationship overall. Check out just some of the benefits of yoga with a partner:

💌Strengthens ...communication
💌Reduces stress and anxiety
💌Puts aside egotism and pride
💌Allows for emotional walls to come down
💌Increases quality time spent together

So grab some mats this date night and see for yourself!

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You will never speak to anyone as much as you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself.

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You know those black and yellow straps you've seen hanging around studios and gyms? That's TRX! Created by a Navy SEAL, this full-body strength workout uses a person's own body weight instead of relying on machines ...or dumbbells.

It's like a simple version of reformer Pilates or antigravity yoga. A TRX suspension trainer leverages gravity and your own weight to perform hundreds of different bodyweight exercises.

Because there are progressions and modifications for every exercise it means YOU get to control the exercise intensity! You can easily change the resistance and stability. Since you’re using your body as resistance, small changes have a significant impact.

🤔Any questions? Drop them in the comments!

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