Jennifer Lowney
Fitness instructor
Jennifer has been committed to health and fitness for many decades starting with step aerobics in the 1990s to completing a half ironman in 2007.  She is ready to share her passion with you. The mother of 4 daughters (including a set of triplets) she found TRX to be a very efficient use of her time for a full body workout that fulfills the goals of cardio, strength training, flexibility and balance. Each move has modifications so every class can accommodate any level of fitness and experience. The class is a tabata style workout in which two exercises are repeats 4 times for 20 second intervals. This style of workout is a great way to divide the class into lots of exercises which blend into a great cardio workout while gaining lean muscle mass. If you are new to TRX or a seasoned veteran, she welcomes you to come enjoy this full body workout.