Padma Mandala Art Workshop with Meditation

Join Lavanya Shubhakar for a fun, creative, meditative and cultural experience where you will create and take home an intricate artwork to use as a meditation tool, or to add to your home decor. Padma (lotus in Sanskrit) Mandala is a lotus-centric mandala. Lotus is the symbol of purity of the body and mind. A lotus plant grows in muddy dirty waters, but produces the most beautiful flowers. This can be compared to a human rising out of ignorance and reaching enlightenment. The Padma Mandala is soothing to the eyes and imparts peace to the mind and soul. The art workshop will begin with a centering guided meditation led by Kelly Harper. There is no previous art experience needed for this guided instructional art workshop.


$35 per person

Sunday, February 5 at 4:00 – 6:30 pm. Sign Up Today!

Shirts Off for Galentine’s Day

A Body Positive WOMEN ONLY confidence building workshop.

The experience will begin with a guided meditation to help the room to ground and short journal
prompts to explore the real emotions and thought patterns connected to our bodies and self image.
Slowly working through the charged energy as a loving community and (perhaps) releasing the fear to
remove your shirt and bare just a sports bra as the room slowly heats and humidity builds in
preparation for the seventy five minute Vinyasa practice. The guided poses will be focused around the
energetics of the Solar Plexus chakra, helping to awaken, build and exude self-worth and confidence;
paired with a heart centered cool down to encourage the receiving of love. The heat will turn off,
cooling aids will be offered and a chakra balancing Yoga Nidra will transport your body, mind and soul
as you rest and your energy recharges. Once recharged the group will create a healing sound bath of
“roaming oms” and then together sit in the newly revealed silence.

Embrace self care and plan to stay and enjoy our beautiful showers, hair dryers and changing spaces,
as well as meet your fellow local, like-minded yogis as you chat over some complimentary pink
bubbles and treats in the seated area of our lobby.

Heck make it a whole thing! Bring a friend or five, make dinner reservations for after and create a full
Galentine’s Day evening dedicated to health, self-love and friendship.

$40 per person

Saturday, February 11 at 3:30 pm – 6:00pm. Sign Up Today!

40 Days to Personal Revolution

A breakthrough program to Radically change your body and awaken the Sacred within your soul

Want to deepen your yoga practice?
Need help figuring out what to eat, or how to eat “clean?”
This is the program to get you on track!!!

40 days to personal Revolution (Led by Jonathan Plympton) is a SELF-EXPLORATION/EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM, designed to help build strength, deepen your meditation practice, and clean up your body.

Based on the book by Baron Baptiste, founder of the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.
$120 to participate. Books may be purchased on-line or ordered in the Studio.
(Meetings are included with the participation fee – Yoga classes are not included with this program)

40days of unlimited classes pricing option of $180 is available to purchase in mind/body.

Meetings will be held on Sunday 9:45 – 10:45am. February 19th – April 2nd.

Kitchari Cleanse Workshop

Join Katie Meuse in learning how to make kitchari, a nourishing meal to rest and reset your digestive system. This workshop will examine the benefits of doing a kitchari cleanse, recipes and schedule, a cooking demonstration, an overview of the doshas (the 3 energetic forces that make up an individual), Ayurvedic daily practices, and a detoxifying asana practice with guided meditation.

Bring your tea cup! We will end our time together with a warm bowl of Kitchari and herbal tea. You will leave feeling nourished and equipped with the tools you need to embark on your own Kitchari cleanse!

$35 per person

Sunday, March 5 at 4:00 – 6:00pm. Sign Up Today!

Ready to Make a Change?

Get Bent in Norwich believes in an open studio community where we listen to the wants and needs of our students to create an interactive space of health and happiness. Join us today!



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